The climate in Ralun


Ralún is situated at the northern reaches of the Chilean Patagonia. Rich in biodiversity, natural beauty, lush Valdivian rainforests, extinct volcanoes, hot springs, snow-capped andes, and far horizons. This region is famous for the world-class flyfishing of 30kg salmon, rainbow trout, brown trout, and excellent saltwater fishing for Conger eel, Austral hake, and more.

The climate of Patagonia in winter and late fall is characteristic of frequent rainfall, and colder temperatures, though it seldom gets below freezing temperature. The rainfall, while considered by some to be an unfortunate convenience, is there very factor that helps make this region so incredibly green, lush, moist, and pure. Without the frequent rainfall, this region would be stripped of the vast expanses of pillowy mosses, ferns, mushrooms, endemic berries and fruits, and all the supporting ecosystem of birds, mammals, insects, fish, and more.




Winter in Ralun is a very special experience. Stop what you're doing. Hold your breath, and listen. The acoustic quality of this area, with the high, cool humidity, is such that sounds don't carry as far as during other seasons. This results in an incredibly peaceful, tranquil, enveloping atmosphere, making you feel as if you were alone at the end of the earth. Take in the unique quality of light. Delight in how the clouds hang lower than normal, hugging closely against the mountainsides nearby. The rivers, swollen with rains, create raging cataracts that you can see and sometimes hear in the distance. With the fires lit in the houses, you always have a warm refuge to escape back into, when you need it. Drape a heavy wool blanket over yourself and your loved one, breathe in through your nose, and celebrate the fact that you are enjoying a rare luxury, available only to a select few. Late winter will see the fabled Aromo trees bloom their millions of tiny, bright yellow blossoms, covering the floor of the Petrohué river with a thick carpet of gold. It is a harbinger of spring to come.




Spring in Ralun is unparalleled in its beauty. A dizzying array of flowers are blooming, the hummingbirds flit from one electric fuchsia blossom to another, the sun shines with frequency, the rivers are swollen from rainwaters, and it's an ideal time to be aboard a kayak. Take our guided tours of the Reloncavi fjord by boat.

Pick some flowers. Watch the spring tide bring the ocean right to your feet.

Warm days and cool nights make for perfect combination of daytime activities and nighttime cuddling.




Summer is obscene phone call from nature herself, heaving and panting with a sultry profusion of flowers of all colors, sizes, and aromas. From sunup to sundown, entire zone hums with the sounds of honeybees, hard at work, making the finest honeys the world has ever known. The warm days lend themselves well to sunning on the lawn, swimming in the river, hiking the river plain, flyfishing, or just barbecuing outside. The evenings are perfectly cool, ideal for leaving the windows open as you sleep. Enjoy the early-harvest apples that are crisp, tart, and sweet.

A small but notable downside to the summer season is the presence of the regional horseflies, the Tábano, and the larger Colihuacho. They can be quite aggressive and persistent, but can easily be mitigated by avoiding wearing dark colors such as black, dark blue, brown, and the like. Keep your head covered with a similarly colored hat, and the horseflies will tend to leave you alone.




Autumn in Ralun is a colorful farewell to the heat of summer. The flyfishing season stays on, the cottonwoods and other endemic trees turn their foliage to all colors of the warm spectrum, apples fall to the ground, ready to be consumed, or made into a steaming pie. The sun continues to shine but without the intensity of summer. Take a guided tour of the floor of the bay at neap tide.

Ideal climate for hikes out on the river plain at low tide, or a trek to Lago Cayutué. Join our guide and go flyfishing. Take our guided horseback tours through the lush patagonian countryside. Soak in the wood-fired hot tub overlooking the bay of Ralun. Throw a few logs into the wood-fired kitchen, heat up the kettle of water, and enjoy cool nights with your loved one.